The Impact of Car Dash Cameras On Driver Behaviour And Accountability

Did you know that every day in India, there are thousands of road accidents? What can drivers do to reduce this growing number?

The Yale Tribune notes that having a dashcam makes drivers more mindful and responsible. The dashcams help prevent distracted driving and provide evidence in case of accidents. In turn, they affect driver behaviour and accountability on the roads. So, let’s consider features in modern-day car dash cams and how they impact driver behaviour.

What are the Features of a Good Dashcam to Look for?

While looking for the best car dash camera in India, consider the following features:-

– High-quality camera

You must settle for a dash camera that provides high-quality images day and night. You only need to see detailed and quality video footage when reviewing footage.

– Smart mobile alerts

If there’s any breach of safety measures by people in the car, you need to know immediately. Smart mobile alerts allow you to alert the authorities in case of a car breach. The smart mobile alert will alert you even in cases of overspeeding, which is vital to keep a driver in check.

– 2-way calling

If you are worried about letting your teenager drive your car, you need a dashcam with a 2-way calling feature. It’s also great for fleet cars, which makes it easy to communicate with a driver in real-time. The feature allows you to talk to the driver through an inbuilt mic and speaker in the camera.

Here are a few ways dash cams affect driver behaviour and accountability:-

1. Additional Means of Communication

Technology advancements ensure that AI dashcams also act as an additional communication layer. Parents who give their teens their car can monitor how they drive it and talk to them. Additionally, the child will drive well knowing that their parents are watching or will review the footage. 

The same is true for fleet drivers; they drive well since they know their fleet manager can review the footage anytime. Also, the fleet manager can view them in real-time and address how they drive.

2. Detecting and Preventing Distracted Driving

A driver may be on his cell phone, dozing off, speeding, or not wearing a safety belt. Smart dashcams can detect when a driver is distracted, and the system can alert them.

In a fleet company, most drivers might be tired and lose focus on the road due to long-distance driving. Apart from being alerted by the dashcam system, the fleet manager can check the dashcam in real-time. This ensures that the drivers remain accountable for how they drive the vehicles.

3. Evidence in Case of an Accident

Dashcams come to aid a driver in case of an accident instead of relying on what the other drivers say. Witnesses can also give wrong information, leading to trouble if traffic police are involved. The dashcam gives detailed video evidence of the accident to show who is at fault.

The video footage will help quickly settle your insurance claim if you are at fault. Knowing that the dashcam records your trip on the road ensures that you drive more keenly. Other people even review the footage afterwards to see how to improve their driving skills.

4. Safety on the Roads

When a car dashcam records road events, it gives drivers a sense of safety. The AI dashcams that even allow live streaming videos can alert your family where you are at all times. This is the case, especially when your teenagers take the car.

A fleet manager can also view his fleet on the roads at any time of day and communicate with drivers. In turn, this ensures the drivers feel safe, which in turn will affect their driving behaviour. The dash cam also acts as a car cctv camera, contributing to safety.

Every day, dashcam usage is vital either for personal or business use. The dashcams help prevent distracted driving and provide evidence in an accident. This ultimately affects the driver’s behaviour and accountability. Choose a dashcam that works best for you, like the Car Cam 2, a next-generation dashcam. It’s a smart dashcam for personal and commercial use, with 2 way calling, live video streaming and smart mobile alerts.

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