Top 5 Tips: How to Prepare Your Child for Boarding School Life

Preparing a child for boarding school can be exciting and emotional for the whole family. On the one hand, your child is approaching the path of independence, college life, and life. On the other hand, they would stay away from the house, which can overwhelm parents and children.

Let’s discuss how you can make your child feel safe and happy while living in a boarding school. There are top cbse boarding schools near Mumbai, and there are many other things that you need to teach your child before sending them to a boarding school.

So, before you pack up the things and say goodbye to your child, let’s have some tips on preparing your child for boarding life.

1. Money Handling

Since money is necessary, your child may be in need at any time, especially while living away from you. First, teach your child how to save money and manage expenses while writing or making records. Second, you can practice yourself so that children may imitate you and may learn.

a. Teaching by Example

You want your child to have some good skills like making the bed, cleaning the room, reaching the canteen area on time and following the boarding school rules.  Top cbse boarding schools near Mumbai have special times for waking up, having breakfast, having lunch and dinner, and going outside and hanging out with friends. You will have to teach your child to be punctual.

b. Discussing Your Financial Choices

Often, children need to learn or understand what work their parents do or on which designation they are. In such a situation, you can explain your way of life to them so that they will learn and understand. You can discuss your financial choices with them, how you earn and what you do to earn money. Shivneri – one of the best cbse junior colleges near Pune — helps you bring closeness with your family by teaching them the moral values or the value of education.

c. Giving Monthly Allowances

You can give your child pocket money for a week or a month so that they can manage their expenses accordingly.

2. Teaching Comparison Shopping

You can show the comparison between two things. For example, if you are about to buy noodles from one shop and the same noodles at a high price from another shop. You can make them understand how purchasing things at a cheap rate can help them.

3. Stay Connected

Now, there is a technology that can help children and their parents to stay connected. You can have phone calls every week or after you pack your day.

4. Keep conversations positive

Try to make your child stay away from the stress of family. It is exciting for your child to stay independent. They might have a lot of things to share and opportunities they are gaining. So, remind yourself to discuss the family rather than explain the problems.

5. Encourage Independence

Many children live with their parents and thus cannot live alone for a minute without their family members. You can prepare your child for future life by making them handle house chores independently or in your absence, especially when you need to go outside. It will help children learn that they need social independence, which will also bring skills to them to stay ahead.

There are many top cbse boarding schools near Mumbai, and for job reasons, you, as a parent, have to leave your child in boarding schools. In such a situation, you are responsible for teaching your child during this challenging time.

Shivneri School is one of the top cbse boarding schools near Mumbai where you can send your child for daily schooling, boarding life and preparation for entrance exams like NDA, IIT JEE, NATA, and others.

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