5 Top Wedding Photography Tips For Every Couple – 2021

If your wedding is around the corner, there will be a big hustle bustle going on in your mind. But, stay calm! The most important thing is to make your day a special one and capture all your cute and memorable moments nicely. So every time you watch those clips, you get overwhelmed by those beautiful memories. Keep reading to know more about some of the fantastic tips of wedding photography that every couple must keep in mind. Check out the five excellent tips given below:


Practice your poses

To get the best wedding pictures, you would want the photographer to get the best angles. So, at your part, you have to make sure that you work on your postures and practice the poses before the actual shoot. Don’t be nervous, it’s your game. You will do good, just follow the steps and get the best pictures. For getting a better angle of your pictures, you should consider the following tips:-

  • Turn your torso at a 45-degree angle.
  • Hold your neck up to avoid the appearance of double chins
  • Use your hands in the poses- hold your partner’s hand or take a bouquet

Take care of the lighting.

One of the brilliant wedding photography tips is to make proper use of the lighting. A good photographer always knows how to involve lighting as an advantage in your photoshoots. So whether you opt for indoor shoots or outdoor shoots, you must choose the lighting spots. For outdoor weddings, the lightings are perfect during the daytime, which can owe you a perfect wedding album.

Incorporate a sparkler exit

Generally, couples tend to put more focus on a grand entry rather than a grand exit. Grand entrances are indeed magnificent, but you should not leave any opportunity for a grand exit. Sparkler exits are not only a great way to end the celebrations, but it makes space for some of the most stunning photos. Other than sparks, you can also use confetti, bubbles, and flower petals. They can simply make your wedding day more beautiful and charming.

Be unaware of the camera.

The most memorable wedding pictures are the ones that are clicked, being completely unaware of the camera. However, candid shots are a bit challenging. So it is advisable to forget about being photographed and give in to the moments. Great candid photos consist of lots of smiles, laughs, and all real emotions. Enjoy the moment and don’t think you are clicked. This is the best mantra to get the best pictures.

Prepare the essential accessories and equipment.

Knowing how to get clicked is just a part of getting the best pictures. A more critical factor is to have the right gear to capture the moments. A list of significant equipment that you need:

  • Camera for high-quality pictures
  • Lens to cover the landscape shots
  • Other accessories like spare batteries, chargers, camera bag, and memory card
  • Light shapers such as reflectors, sunlight diffusers, and flash diffusers.

Enjoy your day!

More than anything else, the most vital thing is to live in the moment and enjoy the best day of your life. Stay excited for the even small details and the craziest of plans. This day almost everything would be a first-time experience for you. Thus you must care more about living the moment and making memories rather than capturing the moments in a photo.

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