Benefits of Lookah Unicorn Quartz Coil

Quartz coils are used in smoke dabbing products for a long time and now have been evolved. So, these coils are known as the health-beneficial smoke dabbing tips. Many smokers were unaware of the fact that the lookah unicorn quartz coil is for the third generation dab pen. These smoke-dabbing coils are known for their unlimited performance hours.

Additionally, these coils are formed with quartz that is harmless for the health of smokers. Thus, there will be zero health risk with the use of these coils. The lookah quartz coils are sophisticated smoke tips with the cap over them; you’ll be glad to know that lookah supports the two coil caps.

So, later we’ll discuss them in detail but for now, you should know that these caps protect the smoke tips. Thus, in this way the lookah unicorn quartz coils are durable with the maximum shelf life. The glass borosilicate bubbler over the coils makes them more attractive for use.

Retain flavors for long

This is the first-ever feature and the perfect quality of lookah unicorn coils that are going to be highlighted here. So, flavor preservation or retention is the best update lookah has launched in their products. Thus, these smoke dabbing tips are porous and the quartz material efficiently soaks the taste in them.

So, that’s the reason, with these quartz unicorn coils you can dab maximum shots and can enjoy the lasting taste ever. There come lots of complaints about the smoke accessories, usually about the heating tips that these coils are not good for flavor retention. Thus, after the use of lookah unicorn quartz coils, you’ll be addicted to them and get fascinated by the genuine tang they provide.

Protection by coil’s cap

Thus, this is the most important and efficient feature that you’ll get to know here. The caps are available for the coils because of the protection of these coils. The lookah coils are available with a pair of caps.

  • Hive caps
  • Cup coil caps

So, both caps are used by lookah unicorn quartz coils. The reason for launching the pair of these coils is to protect the coils accordingly. Thus, it depends on the temperature settings, according to the type of coils you should use for protecting the tips from contamination.

Borosilicate glass bubbler for filtration

Here the borosilicate glass bubbler plays an important role in providing smoke with cooler vapes. So, you’ll enjoy the borosilicate materialistic glass. It is good for its impeccable properties to withstand various heat modes. Thus, the tough and durable borosilicate glass bubbler will create smooth vapors with even smoke.

If your previous coil doesn’t contain the respective borosilicate glass bubbler, it means that your smoke vaping tips are not good at all. Thus, if you’ve not tried these smoke quartz tips launched by lookah then, you’re missing something great. Don’t look for any other coils because this is exactly what you need.

Reliable with many years warranty

Lookah quartz coils unicorn version is durable and reliable. These coils last for a long time and thus, you don’t need to buy these coils every time you vape. These coils are good for maximum smoke shots and if you maintain them properly then, you can use them for many years. Hence, these quartz tips are worth the price and are perfect for long-term usage.

The durability comes with the material and both the material like the quartz and the borosilicate is just epic. Thus, don’t get bothered with the efficiency of these smoke coils because you’ll vape from them hundreds of times. The lookah is the most loyal brand and they give warranty of their products as well.

Cost-effective quartz coils

The lookah unicorn quartz coils are the most cost-effective smoke dabbing coils. Lookah is the most reliable and satisfying brand that is known for its remarkable power of efficient vapes. The price range is just epic because lookah always takes care of the facility of their customers.

So, these coils are available with the minimum price range. Thus, that’s why these coils are affordable for all of our dear customers easily. There will be added products along with the coils, like the glass bubbler, coil caps, and much more. This adds to the value of these coils.

Do these coils available at the retail shop?

Yes, of course, these coils are easily available at online and retail shops. So, you can pick them up from wherever you want. The prices will be the same on the online and retail shops; they provide free delivery on purchases above $10.

Closing remarks

Lookah unicorn quartz coil can allow triple flavored smoke sesh. These smoke shots will be easy to dab with the pointed tips of these coils. So, it will become easier for the smokers to dab with the coils having bubbler over them.

Thus, get them now and enjoy the realistic smoke sesh with zero ash because these tips allow the full juice without any leftovers. Clean the coils occasionally to keep them in good condition and keep on getting the holistic shots.

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